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My Photography sessions are based on 3 different schedules 

Fullday/8 hours 


quarter-day/2 hours

3-5 days delivery



I will photoshop edit and retouch your image.

-Basic Retouch (basic product for online stores, basic portrait, color grading.

-For professionals shots of Fashion, lookbook, landscape, portraits.

-For professionals Beauty portraits, Editorial fashion shots, Creative manipulation, Magazine quality

3-5 delivery days

2 revisions

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Learn from me

Learn the top retouching techniques currently in the industry!

Techniques you will Learn/Improve on to edit like a pro:

  • -Skin Clean up

  • -Local Dodge & Burn

  • -Frequency Separation

  • -Global Dodge & Burn

  • -Color Correction

  • -Color Grading

  • -Digital Make up enhancement

  • -Sharpening

  • -Exporting