I’m an autodidact photographer, originally from Colombia. I’m passionate about photography and I’ve been doing it for a very long time. I’ve traveled all around the world and have become fluent in six different languages.

On my page, you will find my portfolio and a heartfelt community dedicated to photography from all around the world. apart from photography, I also offer services of retouching pictures from other photographers, as well as workshops for new photographers or retouchers in Switzerland, France, and Germany.

I have a very unique style when it comes to retouching photographs, as you may well see in my pictures. I specialize in doing a great job in a short time, and for that, I’m the best at what I do in my region of work.

I’m here to help you with soon to come tutorials and 1 on 1 lesson on photography, retouching techniques and I’m also a filmmaker, offering my services if you ever need help with your filmography project. 

I invite you to take a look at my platform and share your passion for the art of photography.

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Tel. +33-0783104123

25, Quartier Wallart
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